Membership with Crux Ansata Oasis

  • Initiate Members are eligible to become Officers of the Oasis as well as other roles, including Priest, Priestess, Deacon, or Initiation Officers.
  • All Members and Affiliates may attend all private events that are not degree-specific.
  • All Members and Affiliates are able to borrow books from our Oasis Library.
  • All Members and Affiliates will receive access to Slack (our main messaging system)

Upon paying your first month's dues and signing our membership book you are considered a member of our Oasis. Initiate members are expected to be able to attend our quarterly meetings.

In addition to national dues, it is encouraged to affiliate with a local Camp, Lodge, or Oasis such as ours. These local dues enable us to hold the events on our calendar, maintain and improve our ritual equipment, and to organize regional events.

Please contact the treasurer if you have any questions or concerns.